Carolyn Hillier's face of the Forest

IndigiDays Drawing In

This image by Carolyn Hillier, who elegantly and groundedly hosted us up on Dartmoor to explore the practices of these lands more deeply, speaks to some of the wisdom we’ve been blessed to encounter along our winding way.

But I’ve got to say: the Schumacher immersion into Indigineity has been intense! With little digestion time in between each weekly experience we have explored many different traditions and cosmologies from around the world: all night Nature Vigils, Vuutas (Southern African Steam ceremony), call and responses, Native American Inipis (Sweatlodges), Ceremonies to let go of fear, Ancestral ceremonies to re-establish connection, spiritual support and healing, Ecuadorian Amazonian tea-dream rituals, we’ve walked stone circles and rows on Dartmoor, deepened the connection to this land in our own ceremonies in a roundhouse,

Carolyn Hillier and Nigel Shaw's Roundhouse on Dartmoor
Carolyn Hillier and Nigel Shaw’s Roundhouse on Dartmoor

studied the experience through an astrological lens, we have danced, and drummed and chanted. We have even made our own ritual instruments out of wild Dartmoor horse hide, hazel and horse hair. It has been AMAZING. The final teaching, last week, was undertaking The Journey at Embercombe – a powerful descent to the depths of oneself and out into manifesting purpose in the world.

I am so excited about having the time to digest this extraordinary wealth of teachings and share some of the gold with you in the weeks to come. We say our goodbyes this week and give presentations on the projects we intend to carry forward into the world. Not quite ready to share mine yet, but it’s about using my “voice” in the service of life – I’ve got a particular place in which to do this in mind!

Well done world for facing the future
Well done world for facing the future

And finally, go COP21! It may not be legally binding, it may be deeply flawed, but the agreement world leaders and nations came to this weekend is an historic global acknowledgement of the problems we are facing and statement of intent that is paving the way for a new collectively-shaped future. Let’s make it happen!

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