a. The process of adjusting parts so that they are in proper relative position
b. The condition of having parts so adjusted

(Psychology) Psychol integration or harmonization of aims, practices, etc. within a group
(Psychology) Psychol identification with or matching of the behaviour, thoughts, etc. of another person


Welcome to Alignment magazine!


I have hesitated to bring you this offering. As you’ll be all too aware there are shelves bulging and servers bursting with writings dedicated to change. In fact there is so much out there that it can be almost overwhelming to consider where to begin, or where to go next.

So the idea of Alignment is to offer a distillation of art, articles and techniques designed to help us align ourselves with our personal and collective potential. Specifically I want to tackle the question of how to marry the twin disciplines of living well in oneself and in the world. And my wish is to provide inspiration to those newly or re-newingly embarking on the adventure of self and/or societal refinement.

This is to be a broad house. Whatever your affiliations or philosophies I hope there will be something of interest for you here. To nudge you in the direction of your authentic, most fulfilled and fulfilling self.

My path has primarily been one of inner exploration. Experiencing a personal crisis early on I was forced to gain an understanding of self that has lead me to work as a counsellor to others. Recently I’ve felt an increasing need to widen my vision from the individual to include the whole of society, because both influence the other in an ongoing dance. Whether it be demonic or delightful is down to us.

Please feel free to post comments, give feedback and contact me if you’d like to contribute an article, artwork or idea! You can get in touch via email here: infoKTHXBYE@alignment.org.uk

May life and wellbeing flourish for all,

Freddy Weaver, Editor

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